Shio's Top 10 of 2010

Happy Holidays everyone! It's THAT time of the year... the time to gorge ourselves on booze, food and presents galore. It's also time for the "best of" countdowns!

Counting down our favorite moments on this blog from 2010:

10. The size of Shio's ego vs. reality

9. Bath time!

8. Any video of Shibas frolicking in knee deep snow is a winner. This one is our personal favorite.

7. Remember when Shio resisted walking here? And here. And here. The list could go on and on...

6. ...Oh wait - the list does go on! More of Shio's leash walking protests here, here and here. Last one here. Phew! That was a lot.

5. He loves us! Proof that Shio really really loves us!

4. The day that Shio became a real city slicker with his first subway ride.

3. Crimped fur-do.

2. Who'z in da house? Jersey Shore in da house. *paw pump*

1. A Sephora experience unlike any other you've witnessed before.

Shio's First Subway Ride

Happy to report that we had our first NYC subway ride today and Shio did very well! I had taken Shio down to the subway platform so he could get used to the noise underground when he was 7 months old but never followed up with a ride up until today. We have an annual checkup tomorrow and instead of taking a cab, I figured we could train it instead.

Being that Shio is too large for his Sherpa bag, his head was poking out and he attracted a lot of attention and smiles from the other passengers. It's really amazing how the presence of a dog can make people smile, even in NYC. A 10 minute subway ride and lots of treats later, we managed to make our way back home.