Shio and Emi's Ugly Sweater Portraits

We were fortunate to be introduced to Sachi, the artist behind Ugly Sweater Portraits, back in December 2014 when I nearly fell over after seeing her work on a mutual friend's sweater that was posted on Instagram - it was amazing! Without hesitation, we contacted Sachi to create two shirts for us. 

The first step was to reach out to Sachi and find out what we needed to provide her in order to begin our project! 

- Sweater (or another textile for project base): While Sachi was happy to purchase the sweaters for us, we decided to pick our own shirts and have them sent to her to work on. We went with sweatshirts instead of sweater because we thought that it would work better for our more casual weekend style. We've seen her also work on tote bags and cushion covers!

- Image: There are so many moments that J and I capture and share on Instagram that we love and had a good idea of what we wanted on our shirts. Of course we had to have one with the two Shibas cuddling and another with Shio protesting. We provided about 10 photos for Sachi to look at so she can use her eye to determine what would look the best on our project. If you don't want to choose one, Sachi will also look through your image galleries to pick what she think will work best for your order!

- Time Frame: Sachi has been incredibly busy with orders so it's important to convey when you want or need your shirts!

Next step was for Sachi to create sketches with cute accessories for the dogs. I love that she added antlers and Santa hats on her previous projects, but we wanted accessories that could be worn year-round so we went with party hats (because having Shibas know how to party!) and Shio's signature bow tie. I'm particular about design projects so I asked Sachi to allow me to pre-approve the sketches before she starts working on our sweatshirts. I really appreciated her responsiveness and patience while we conversed about the design over email and realize that she has the natural artistic instincts that didn't need my overbearing second eye. She also offered great ideas and we came to an agreement on every point before she began the felt work.

Last step - the work on the sweatshirts! I expected her to complete the work but she sent over some sneak peeks to get me excited about the final! Every single picture she sent resulted in an audible "AWWWW!" from me as I started longingly at my phone. Sachi sent me the shipment information for the shirts immediately and that previous audible aww turned into a loud SQUEE! when I finally saw the sweatshirts in person! 

Her work and attention to detail is incredible and the material was a thick felt glued down with fabric glue and HAND SEWN around the edges. I love the little white dollops above Shio's expressive eyes and the sparkle in Emi's mischievous eyes. My favorite might be the little black sewn black nails on the paws (I told you that she was detailed!) Due to the delicate nature of the felt material, the sweatshirts are DRY CLEAN ONLY. Personally, I thought that the results were so great that I want to permanently display them in my home as wall art.

Even though the holidays are over, I can see myself ordering more of these for friends and family as gifts throughout the year. Her prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of the final product - you'll want to email her directly for pricing as each project may vary slightly. You can reach Sachi her email address and her Instagram page is if you want to see a gallery of her work before ordering!


*Disclaimer: Some compensation was received for this review but all expressed opinions are that of my own.