Shio's First Subway Ride

Happy to report that we had our first NYC subway ride today and Shio did very well! I had taken Shio down to the subway platform so he could get used to the noise underground when he was 7 months old but never followed up with a ride up until today. We have an annual checkup tomorrow and instead of taking a cab, I figured we could train it instead.

Being that Shio is too large for his Sherpa bag, his head was poking out and he attracted a lot of attention and smiles from the other passengers. It's really amazing how the presence of a dog can make people smile, even in NYC. A 10 minute subway ride and lots of treats later, we managed to make our way back home.

Shio and his Bag

Wherever Shio's travel bag goes, Shio is sure to follow. Why you ask? Because he knows that when we bring out the bag, he goes somewhere fun.

We bought Shio's bag for him when he was a mere 3 months old. It's the large Original Sherpa bag that will hold a dog up to 22 lbs. At the time, we figured that Shio would be no bigger than 23 lbs and boy, are we wrong with that assumption. Turns out that Shio is a big-boned Shiba and is up to a whopping 25 lbs already! Yikes! Not to worry though, this does not deter him from trying to fit into his Sherpa bag.

We didn't intentionally train him to follow his bag around. Initially, I tried to lure him in with treats and toys and that didn't work. Eventually, we just forced him into the bag for taxi/train journeys and Shio started realizing that when he emerged from the bag after the trip, he would wind up somewhere he loved (Central Park! Places with grass to run on! New dog run! Long Island!). So as a result, Shio gets super Shiba excited when he sees us bring the bag out and will try to fit his 25 lbs self into a 22 lbs max bag.

Normally, I would object to this but its really better that he curls himself into the bag for trips because:

1. I have not found any other pet bag carrier company that will make bags to hold dogs >22lbs.

2. Our only other option would be to lug his giant plastic crate around for trips. I am too feeble to carry this giant plastic crate around and my handbag and other accessories for the trip and it is a giant pain to figure out what to do with if we are just taking a taxi up to Central Park to walk around.

Luckily, most train conductors and taxi driver are okay with the dog's head sticking out of the bag as long as the body and legs are contained in the bag. So I usually wind up with a Shiba whose head is popping out from the top of the bag or a Shiba whose head is coming out the side of the bag.

Evidence below:

photo 2photo


[Btw, we highly recommend Sherpa bags. They are constructed well and are reasonably priced.]