What my Shiba has taught me.

Trust is earned. Fight for what you want (treats).

Fight against what you don't want (baths).

When you see/smell something you like, throw your whole body weight into it.

Always stare blankly at an incredulous request (cuddling).

If you think someone is going to take food out of your mouth, chew faster.

If someone has wronged you, let the world know by screaming like you are being tortured.

There is no displeasure that can not be communicated with the whale eye.

The vacuum is the frenemy.

Shio @ 7 months

Shio turned 7 months old yesterday!

The single major change that we've seen in Shio is his change in willingness to cuddle with us. He used to struggle and jump out of our arms but lately, he's stays in our arms... that is until he finds an opportunity to escape!

Lately, he's been fascinated with teething on his plastic crate. I'm sure that when we bring him to the airport in his crate they will think that we have a rabid dog on our hands.

Shio's bad habit of teething on our floor continues.  :(

Shio @ 3 months

Shio @ 7 months