Shio @ 7 months

Shio turned 7 months old yesterday!

The single major change that we've seen in Shio is his change in willingness to cuddle with us. He used to struggle and jump out of our arms but lately, he's stays in our arms... that is until he finds an opportunity to escape!

Lately, he's been fascinated with teething on his plastic crate. I'm sure that when we bring him to the airport in his crate they will think that we have a rabid dog on our hands.

Shio's bad habit of teething on our floor continues.  :(

Shio @ 3 months

Shio @ 7 months

Shio Home Alone

While out in Long Island, we left Shio tied to a piano bench in the house alone so that we could go run some errands (and Ting needed to go to Tanger Outlets...). We thought the piano bench was heavy enough, and that given Shio had been running around in the yard for a while, he would just fall sleep anyway. Boy, were we wrong...

Upon our return, we found him loose in the house! He was very excited to see us -- and gave us the "OHMYGODYOUDIDN'TABANDONME!" dance.

Ting searched the house for damage (refer back to Freedom for Shio post), and much to our surprise, there was no trace of wreckage!

Today, we left him alone in the apartment (purposely) for the first time, and he did just fine.

Shio sure is growing up...!

Shio vs. Floor

As part of the aftermath of "Freedom for Shio," we have noticed he has picked up the habit of chewing on the floor -- there are now markings of his teeth on the bamboo floor of our apartment all over... In order to prevent this from happening further during the day when he is in the crate, we have redesigned his crate:

Crate v3.0

Hopefully, Shio will no longer be able to pull the cloth from under him to expose the floor for further redecoration...

(Needless to say, Ting is pretty pissed about this new hobby of Shio's...)

Freedom for Shio

The first thing you see when you walk into our apartment is Shio's wire crate sitting the living room. You could only imagine my surprise when I opened the door on Friday evening after a long day of work and saw the door wide open with no Shio inside! Where was Shio?!  I took a couple of steps in and saw Shio hanging out on the couch in the middle of a glorious mess he created during the afternoon. He saw me and instantly ran over to greet me and let me know how proud he was of the interior re-decorating he did that day. Turns out that the replacement dogwalker I used that day decided not to put Shio back into the crate when they came back from their afternoon walk.

After surveying the damage, we found that we lost one throw pillow, two separate corners of a wall and several different spots on the floor to teething. Needless to say, J and I were not happy campers and will not be using that dogwalker again... ever.

On the up side, Shio has excellent bladder control.