Shio's Birthday and NYCSR Christmas Donation!

Happy Birthday to our Shio! I can't believe that he's already 3 years old! Time flies when you're busy getting owned by a Shiba.

Shio and Emi a huge bone to celebrate Shio's birthday. And by huge, we mean bigger-than-Shio huge!

In honor of Emi's Gotcha Day and Shio's Birthday, we previously held a small blog post commenting fundraiser to earn money to donate to NYC Shiba Rescue.

Thanks to our friends and family for taking time out of their busy days to comment. You've helped raised $200 to donate to NYC Shiba Rescue!

Thank you also for all the well wishes for Emi's adoption. I'd like to point out that our favorite post was from Joanna, a volunteer at NYCSR. Her comment was, "Great story and beautiful pictures! I have already spoken to one couple who found the rescue, NYC Shiba Rescue, from reading your blog and have since applied to foster to adopt! Thanks for being out there and spreading the word for beautiful shibas looking for loving homes like yours!" In the beginning, we created this blog to document the process of raising Shio so we had something to look back on. As time passed and we met more and more people around the world with Shibas, it became a way to share our Shiba stories with the world. I'm so happy that we are now helping others that stumble upon this site to experience volunteering and fostering experiences through our eyes. Fostering is really a priceless experience!

Funds are still needed to help pay for the 10 of the NJ-22 Shibas rescued through NYCSR. If you would also like to make a Christmas donation, you can do so through this site:

Photos taken with Leica M9, Summicron-M 35mm f/2.