Thanksgiving Post

This year was our second Thanksgiving that we were able to spend with our little Shio! Last year we road tripped to Cape Cod and Newport. This year, we kept it local.

Here he is on Thanskgiving day running himself silly on a Fire Island beach:

Also found this sea creature and tried to put it in his mouth:

Then worked on digging his way back to Japan:

We ended the holiday weekend with trip to Prospect Park so Shio could run and play some more!

Meeting new friends:

Unfortunately, towards the end of the trip Shio started choking on his treat. He managed to cough it up (*phew*!) but not before I caught a picture of his "airplane" ears:

Lots to be thankful for

Josh and I have much to be thankful for this year. We have moved into our first home together in NYC and survived a year of being engaged. We have healthy and happy family members who care about each other as well as wonderful friends. And, of course, Shio.

Today, we are having our first vacation together as a family. Shio is fast asleep with his head on my lap as we roadtrip North. I'm reluctant to move in fear of disturbing his slumber.

Happy Thanksgiving!