Differing Personalities

Living with these two Shibas has been nothing short of an amazing journey. Day by day they entertain and put smiles on our face like nothing else has ever before. The best part is that they have opposing personalities. Emi wakes up ready to bounce around and play whereas Shio wouldn't mind hitting the snooze button for another 10 minutes. That's why I love this unfortunately blurry photo I captured from my iPhone one morning of their natural personalities when at home. Intriguingly different but fully adorable.

Two Sides of Shio

Goo Goo's personality may have changed dramatically over the last 3 weeks but she's not the only one who has adjusted her new home situation. Shio has also made adjustments. Living with only one dog gave us a two dimensional perspective of how Shio behaves and with the new foster addition for comparison, Goo Goo has shown us the good and bad of each of their personalities. As mentioned before, Shio started wolfing down his food like there was going to be a famine tomorrow. He would finish his meal in less than 5 large gulps and then lunge for Goo Goo's. If Goo Goo so much as looks at him, he would let out a little growl to let her know that he's not sharing. They even had two barking fights where I had to step in over food. As time passed, he realized that GG is his housemate and she's going to have to eat whether he likes it or not. I separate them when I give them bones to work on but with food, they eat side by side. I sit in between them and occasionally lift Shio's head up so that he remembers to breathe. He has slowed down during meals but that doesn't stop him from checking out GG's bowl when he's finished for leftovers. He's much better about GG coming over occasionally to see if he's having a more delicious meal than she is.

Shio and GG also have very different personalities. Whilst GG has a flight mentality when she hears or sees any altercations, Shio will run towards it to police the situation. When our doorbell rings for deliveries or guests, Shio will run towards the front door while Goo Goo runs upstairs to safety. In the dog run, Shio will not allow any dog to sniff his butt whereas GG will let them sniff but any more than that will result in her on the ground showing her belly with her teeth baring. Shio is happy to school a rude puppy while Goo Goo avoids being abused by a puppy entirely by scampering away.

Shio's a tough guy for sure. A protector. Bodyguard.

But at home, he follows his foster sis around and begs her to play with him. When Goo Goo does play with him, he knocks her down to wrestle but always lets her back up so that she has a fighting chance. She nips at his face and pulls at his scruff and Shio reciprocates with dinosaur-esque growling sounds. He is always close behind her when he thinks that she's going to get a treat, thus making his recalls in parks absolutely fabulous since GG is always next to me. Nobody is allowed to eat if he doesn't get a bite too. Shio also makes sure that he bonds with his foster sister by grooming her. He licks the insides of her ears and stays close by her when napping. It's rare for them to be in separate rooms.

Shio's really a softie.

It's a love story really.


Week 3 with Goo Goo


Just finished up our third week with Goo Goo. She's doing a great job coming out of her shell. Instead of hiding in or under shady places now, she is ready to meet the world with her bad ass Shiba self. I originally thought she would be okay with meeting new people but she's more Shiba than I thought. Goo Goo will duck away from being pet by a stranger like Shio! She's much more comfortable in our local dog run too. Still no playing with other dogs but she's running around and exploring the space and is much better at walking with me while leashed.

We've given her a bath as well. She doesn't like baths but is very good about tolerating them. No Shiba screams or scratching to climb out. Same temperament at the vet's office.

She's also successfully learned two new commands: 'Sit' and 'Paw'. More training will come as she becomes more comfortable.

Goo Goo also loves playing with Shio. They run around in circles in our living room and uses our furniture as a jungle gym. Our jumbo sized ottoman has become their personal wrestling platform.

Goo Goo really enjoys following me around everywhere in the apartment. Shio will now follow her while she's following me so I constantly have a Shiba train when I walk around.

Our favorite nicknames for her so far are Lady Goo Goo, The Goo-ster, and Goo Goo 2S.

This girl is awesome!

His Royal Diva-ness

Took Shio to Central Park for some off-leash running time this morning. Given the amount of pent up energy he's had in the last few days, I figured that he would run it all off at the park. Or so I thought. We arrived at the park and walked up to the Great Hill.

He looked to his right.

He looked to his left.

Back to the right for another looky-loo.

And stood around some more.

Then went to his favorite protest position when I tried to get him to walk around.

Driving in the fact that he refuses to budge by being dead weight.

It's true. Our Shiba is a diva. A royal diva pain the the... well, you know.