Emi's February and March Update

Why hello neglected blog! Long time no update! I've gotten to the point where I've been avoiding updates because so much time has passed since our last one that there is just too much to write. So I'll just start off with Emi's update. It's been a crazy 2 months for our dear little adopted one.

She's found herself in a number of medical issues but luckily only one issue was bad enough to warrant a vet visit. At some point during these last two months, we decided to get health insurance for her. Let's see what they cover!

1. Swollen eye: As a dog that looooooves tennis balls, she often runs side to side in front of me when I'm about to throw a ball. I usually throw it low to the ground so she can scurry after it but one night she decided to run into the ball face first. It was dim outdoors and the only reason why I knew she was hurt was because she let out a loud yelp and then started pawing at her face. Then she was squinting with one eye. It took 2 days for the swelling to disappear and she is now fine.

2. Sore elbow: Shio always knocks her over while playing but one day he knocked her into our TV stand and she started lifting her leg. Seconds later, she was able to walk around without any visible issues so we didn't think much of it. After we came home from dinner the same night, she limped down the stairs to greet us and we knew that something wasn't right. Josh lifted her up and I massaged her leg to see where the problem was and she winced whenever I put pressure around her elbow. We decided to wait a day to see how she felt instead of bringing her to the vet since she was able to place weight on the leg. That night, I crated her or held her on my chest to make sure she didn't run around too much at night. The next morning, she ran around like the crazy little puppy that she was and felt no more pain in the elbow.

3. Diarrhea: We went away to an upstate cabin for a short vacation and when we returned, Emi kept pooping in the apartment. It was unusual for her to do so but the stool was still semi-firm and I thought that she was having accidents. I had class the next morning so I crated her and didn't think we would have problems while she was in her crate. But she had diarrhea in the crate and fell asleep in it. I took her out immediately and bathed her and she pooped 5 more times in the span of 2 hours and it was all runny. That's when I rushed her and her stool to the vet for testing. She was placed on medication to mitigate the elevated levels of bacteria and after her test results came back positive for parasites, she was placed on some more meds. Luckily, she started feeling much better after the vet visit.

4. Plum pits: The following weekend, we went out for dinner and when we came back, we saw that the dogs had gotten into the trash. It was most likely Emi because Shio hasn't gone through trash cans since he was 5 months old. We found a broken plum pit shell on the ground and realized that the dogs might've eaten some of the pits. Knowing that some seeds might be dangerous, we immediately called our emergency vet and they recommended that we bring her in. During the time I was on the phone with the vet, Emi zoomed around like crazy, wanting to play with us, and so the vet told us to call ASPCA Poison Control. They told us that the pits that she had shouldn't give her any issues and just to watch out for any sign of obstruction. She wound up vomiting a plum pit back up 2 weeks later.

5. Random vomiting: For a period of time, Emi would randomly wake up at 4am and vomit bile. Just once. And then everything was fine and we cleaned up and all went back to sleep. We still don't know what the cause was but we're happy it stopped.

Emi also found herself in some trouble when she ran out my parent's front door when we visited them on Long Island. She was afraid of being at the house because she didn't know anyone while Josh and I were out shopping. It took several neighbors, passersby, and a group of joggers to chase her down. She ran for an hour around the neighborhood and finally settled under a car where they finally caught her.

Now that we've gotten all the not-so-great news out of the way, the good news is that she's finally warmed up to Josh! She will come downstairs and run around in circles when Josh gets home and snuggle up next to him when he's on the couch. He's very much in love with her and it's nice to see that she's finally reciprocating! We find that she's also very clumsy. When she gets overly excited, she'll sprint around indoors like a madwoman and often misjudges the heights of objects. We've watched her try to jump over the back of a couch that's 3 ft. tall and will clear it! Other times doesn't get enough lift and bounces off the back of the couch.

We've hired a dogwalker for the two of them twice a week. The thought is that Emi needs to be outside and out of her comfort zone. There are times where she is still frightened when she leaves our home and we want to her build confidence and also a relationship with someone in our neighborhood other than Josh and I. It's been one week and so far so good...

We're happy that she's happy with us but this girl is definitely a petite bundle of trouble.

Shio vs. Chicken Bones

Ughhh... Where do I even begin with this one? NYC is damn dirty. That's a given. But NYC is that much dirtier when you have a puppy. There's the half eaten slice of pizza on the street from last night's partygoer, empty bottles of beer from the club next door, leftover cigarette butts from half of NYC's corporate slaves and broken bagels from the bakery with a crowd of pigeons picking away. Oh, and let's not forget the fried chicken bones.

These are all things that I've ever noticed before Shio. Pre-Shio, I walked around everything intuitively without noticing that it was there. Everything can be explained by poorly managed establishments or last night's drunken stupors but what I have never EVER understood was why there are chicken bones left all over the ground.

Please tell me who wanders down the street munching on greasy fried wings with their fingers and tossing them onto the ground. That is DISGUSTING.

Of course Shio tracks down every single bone and makes a mad dash for it, even managing to chew on it for a bit before I pull the shards of bone from his mouth.

I am not happy with you wing munchers out there, wherever you are. You make dog walking miserable for all of us.