Shio vs. Chicken Bones

Ughhh... Where do I even begin with this one? NYC is damn dirty. That's a given. But NYC is that much dirtier when you have a puppy. There's the half eaten slice of pizza on the street from last night's partygoer, empty bottles of beer from the club next door, leftover cigarette butts from half of NYC's corporate slaves and broken bagels from the bakery with a crowd of pigeons picking away. Oh, and let's not forget the fried chicken bones.

These are all things that I've ever noticed before Shio. Pre-Shio, I walked around everything intuitively without noticing that it was there. Everything can be explained by poorly managed establishments or last night's drunken stupors but what I have never EVER understood was why there are chicken bones left all over the ground.

Please tell me who wanders down the street munching on greasy fried wings with their fingers and tossing them onto the ground. That is DISGUSTING.

Of course Shio tracks down every single bone and makes a mad dash for it, even managing to chew on it for a bit before I pull the shards of bone from his mouth.

I am not happy with you wing munchers out there, wherever you are. You make dog walking miserable for all of us.