What is the favorite thing about your dog?

The other day Josh asked me what mine was about Shio. I had to sit and think about the answer for moment. There are so many things that I love such as his stinky paws, shoving my face into his warm fur when I'm hugging him, the little turns that he does just before he curls up into a tight ball and falls asleep... just to name a few. Then I dug deeper and thought about his personality. The way that he literally stands his ground when he doesn't want to walk and the way that he always wants you to chase him around the living room. I thought about how he sleepily opens up his eyes and sighs in exasperation when you bother him mid-nap and how he rests his head on your lap during dinner when he really wants a bite of whatever delicious human food you're consuming without him. Then it finally dawned on me. My favorite thing about Shio is that he is unapologetically and brutally honest about everything. I know that dogs aren't built with the mental capacity to lie but it's utterly refreshing to know that there is always someone in your life that will always be honest. If Shio wants food, he will follow that little bite of food that you're holding in your hand with desperate eyes. If he wants you to play he'll play bow, wag his tail and play bark despite how tired you feel. If he doesn't want you to hold him, which he never does, he will take all the might in his four paws to push you away and escape.

Now, it sounds like Shio is a very selfish little fur monster with no regard for the way that any one else feels but isn't that great? He'll never say, "I'm FINE" and have us guess whether he's really "fine" or just saying it. We know that he always want to eat and play or when he wants to be left alone. I think we all need honesty like that in our lives.

So what's your favorite thing about your dog(s)?