Shio's Birthday! + NYCSR Donation

Wishing our main little furry man, Shio, a very happy 4th birthday!

He may have been born on Christmas eve during the busy holiday season but we always make time to do something extra special for him!

We started this blog when he was a wee 3 months old and it's very amazing how quickly time flies. We thank you readers for joining this fabulous journey with us!

For Shio's 4th Birthday and Emi's 1st Gotcha Day this year we bought and served them salmon and tuna sashimi! Unfortunately because they were just getting over some tummy troubles from last month, J and I decided it would be best to cook the fish before serving.

Regardless of the fact that we decided to cook the fish first, Shio and Emi really enjoyed it! Shio gulped down his food as usual and sat and waited for Emi to finish so that he could scavenge for leftovers. Emi thoroughly enjoyed her meal and there was nothing left for the birthday boy!

We also bought Shio a very special gift this year. It's a mongolian lamb pillow from West Elm. Whenever we bring the pups to West Elm, Shio has never wasted time rubbing himself all over the pillow so it was only fitting that he should finally have his own. Shio wasted no time getting acquainted with his new gift!

NYCSR Donation

Thank you all for spending a minute and commenting on the blog! We know that you all have very busy lives and it was nice to see comments from all our internet and blog friends. We raised a whopping $95 this year for NYC Shiba Rescue!

Happy holidays to all!