What's so cute about Goo Goo?

Let's discuss Goo Goo. We've been doing that for the last two weeks, so why not talk a little more about this cute little Shiba.

Here's picture from her first week with us. Notice anything besides the fact that she's incredibly cute? I'll list them here for you to analyze with me starting with the ears to the feet.

1. Ears: They're slightly larger than proportion to her body but not too large that they would constitute as bat ears. They're softer than velvet in the back and just slightly pink to show her feminine side on the inside. Shio loves to groom her ears and I love to nom on them.

2. Eyes: Large kawaii anime eyes that any Japanese girl would die to have. Notice the light markings around the eyes to perfectly accentuate her round eyes and eyeliner. You literally melt into a little puddle after looking into them. Trust me, I would know.

3. Nose: Her snout is not too large and not too long. Juuuust right. If Goldilocks was a nose surgeon, she would approve in a heartbeat. And right at the tip of the snout, a cute little button nose that feels like buttery soft leather.

4. Smile: Oh yeah, this girl's got the Shiba smile. You can't tell from this picture but she's always carries a coy little curl at the corner of her lips. What's even cuter is that her cheeks have a slight poof over the curled corners.

5. Torso: She's a pint sized gal. Slim and slender yet covered in lean muscle. Narrow shoulders and tucked in tummy. 15 lbs of pure fuzzy cuteness.

6. Tail: It's a little unfair for you, as a reader, because the perky tail is not shown in this photo. It's a neat and slender tail that's curls like a dark chocolate cinnabon with white frosting. When she wags her tail, it moves left and right like Shio's tail and also forward and back causing this spastic jumping movement. It's freaking adorable. Trust me on this one.

7. Paws: Oh the paws. They're so small. So dainty. So smelly like musky corn chips. Love them.

She stops traffic when we walk and people are always compelled to ask about her. They need to pet her. And the best part is that Goo Goo lets them.

Really, what's not to love about this gal?