Our Furry Houseguest

For the past week, we've had the pleasure of having a houseguest stay with us. Our dear friend was on vacation and left her little girl in our hands. I was so excited for Shio to have a playmate for a few reasons. 1. To see how he would interact with another dog 2. So he can have a full time playmate 3. So we can have an idea of how life would be with 2 dogs (yes, we've crazily considered getting another Shiba)

My verdict is 1. Wow... she's so much easier to train than Shio! Presumably because she's not a Shiba who's primary goal in life is to make you feel like a crazy person when he cocks his head to one side while you desperately command him to "come here" and 2. it would be quite awesome to have another dog around... on a temporary basis. I'm simply not capable of handling two puppies at this point!