Shio vs. Costume

When people say that dogs have personalities and are expressive, non-dog-owners do not really believe. We lucky dog-owners, however, know better. Dogs are very good at showing their humans how they feel.

For example, look at Shio's expression as T put a costume on him...

_DSC4597-EditBeing the good boy that he is, Shio put up with wearing the costume. However, he showed us his discontent:

_DSC4592-EditWith the costume on, Shio did not move at all. He basically gave us the sad puppy eyes until we took the costume off.

Regardless of whether he enjoyed being dressed up or not, we had to bring him to the dog run Howl-O-Ween party as Robin Hood!

See the resemblance?

robin hood

We found his Maid Marian there too!  (Did not plan it... I swear!)