Shio vs. Poop

Not sure why it has taken so long for this to happen, but recently Shio has experienced some issues while pooping... issues that I find hilarious. Between my long hair, Shio's fur and anything shaggy that Shio can get his mouth on, he has a lot of strings and hair passing through his digestive system. The problem starts with when his poop cuts off mid-string and won't come out... leaving Shio with a stringy butt. Luckily, I found this post about Loki when I was researching Shibas and was aware of the stringy-butt problem. Our first run-in with the stringy-butt happened on the way to the dog run. We walk from our apartment in the direction of the dog run (normal), Shio poops and runs away from it (normal), I grab a plastic bag to pick it up (normal) while Shio runs around in circles at the other end of the leash chasing his tail (not normal). I watched Shio try to run away from himself, frantically chase his behind and drag-walking his butt down half an avenue (while Shiba screaming for the neighborhood to hear) before I swooped in to help him out.

I don't feel the need to describe the next couple of times because it's the same story, different type of string. And each time, I'm equally as amused as the last.

Hope you weren't eating while you read this entry. :)