Shiba Meet-Up

We had the pleasure of meeting some of our #Twiba friends today! We were able to get Phineas and Tokyo to meet Shio and Emi out in New Jersey.

We rented out an indoor play area so that the four of them could hang out.

Unfortunately, we did have one scuffle at the end of the day... Sorry Phin!!

We are so happy to have FINALLY been able to meet all of Shio's #Twiba friends! Thanks for meeting us guys!!!

Photos taken with Nikon D700, 85mm f/1.4 and Leica M9, Summicron-M 35mm f/2.

Twiba-Interview: Tokyo

Our next guest is the babe of the Twiba community -- Tokyo!!

<S>: Shio / <T>: Tokyo

<S>: It is great to be able to interview you -- you are the first female Twiba I managed to get to interview!!!

<T>: Pawsome! I'm honored to get this exclusive interview! What would you like to know about me?

<S>: First off, is it true that you and Prince Zuko are dating? I think all the Twibas out there are dying to know the details!!

<T>: No comment. Next question, please.

<S>: Your San Diego home looks pretty sweet. It seems your pawrents and mine have similar good tastes, and also have set aside special areas for us. Can you tell us some other special features of your crib?

<T>: Well, my crib is on the 18th floor of a high-rise condo in downtown San Diego, which happens to be a very fun dog friendly city. Everyday after my morning walk, I like to stop by the concierge desk in my lobby to get a post-walk treat before heading back upstairs. David is my favorite concierge because he always gives me the biggest treats. This is probably one of the best features of living in a high-rise, extra treats!! Back upstairs, I like to spend the rest of the morning chillin on my balcony. It has comfy couches for relaxing in the warm sun. It's also a great place for me to monitor the comings-and-goings of my neighbors on their balconies.

Inside my crib, one of my favorite furniture items is something called the Pierre Paulin Orange Slice chair. Strangely, our chairs are brown and not orange. Anyway, my people say the chair wasn't originally conceived for dogs and cats, but let me tell you, this chair has a design highly suited for animal napping. Thank goodness we have two Orange Slice chairs in my  house, because my meowie brother Capone also likes to nap there. If you don't have this chair Shio, you should definitely get one for your crib.

<S>: You travel on air a lot! Can you tell us about what that is like, and how easy or difficult it is for Shibas to fly? Especially for the cross-country flights...

<T>: Oh yes, I'm a jet set shiba. I started flying with my people right away when I was not quite 6 months old. So far I've been on 12 in cabin flights, 10 of which were cross-country. I'm very comfortable in my soft carrier, so that helps keep me calm during the long flights. During the flight, I have to stay inside my carrier tucked under the seat in front of my people. I would much rather sit on the seat and look out the window, but it's not allowed. *huff*

As far as size, I would say shibas are a good size for flying in cabin up to 13 lbs. Any bigger - 14 lbs to 16 lbs - can get iffy with the airline people since shibas tend to be proportionally taller than other dogs of that weight and we don't fit under the seat space as well.

<S>: What has been your favorite destination so far?

<T>: I love going to any destination where there are other shibas of course! For the last two years, I flew to the east coast for Christmas and got to play in the snow. We don't have snow in San Diego so it was fun to play in the fluffy white stuff. I also love going to Arizona a couple times throughout the year to play with my other twiba friends, Taro, Rinji and Mika. I love running super fast, so any place where I can be leash free is a favorite for me.

<S>: You also provide a lot of good tips for humans in terms of shiba-friendly tools. What is your favorite right now?

<T>: For one, I have my own bag always packed by the front door to expedite my outings - whether it be a weekend getaway, a lunch at a city cafe or a trip to the dog park. It makes it super convenient for my people to grab my bag and be out the door. When we get to the destination, it always makes me happy to sniff "my bag" and I know all is good.

The bag I use is by Mountainsmith and while it's not marketed as a dog bag, it has a thick rubber bottom and is perfect for dogs. Inside my bag I keep a water bowl, water bottle, toys, balls, extra leash, pet wipes, bags, dryer towel, lint roller, hand wipes for my people, etc. It makes it extra easy to be a shiba on the go.

<S>: Thank you so much for spending some time here! Please come to Brooklyn soon!

<T>: Thanks for the interview Shio. I would love to come visit you! *checks map for fastest route to Brooklyn*

Photos provided by Tokyo.