Shio's Current Favorite Toy

It's amazing that J and I will spend good money on toys that we think Shio will love but the ones he loves are the cheapest toys in his toy box.

He currently loves the Petco toy that I bought for him as a compulsive, last minute buy. It is a plush sheep squeaky ball that I bought for a couple of bucks but it's actually really nicely designed.

As you may already know, Shio absolutely adores all his squeaky toys, especially if it is a squeaky ball. This toy not only squeaks when you deflate it, but it also squeaks as it is reinflates itself. The rubber ball on the inside keeps the toy intact from his destructive self while keeping the plushness of a soft toy with the fleecy outside. It is also incredibly adorable. I love the smile on the sheep's face as I chuck the ball for Shio to fetch.

Overall a great buy. We will have to wait and see how long it will keep his interest for.