Shio @ Sephora

Took a 3 hour walk this morning and stopped in Sephora to check out the makeup with Shio. Shio discovers a scent that he likes and promptly starts rubbing his face all over the floor of Sephora for a full minute. Of course, he was over in the female's perfume section and not the men's cologne.

I wonder what he's thinking...

Shio: "Mmmmm... Kim Kardashian perfume ... mmmmm... Britney Spears perfume ... J. Lo..."

I went to hug him before and he smells like a plethora of powerful floral scents. Hahah. Well, at least it's not deer dung.

Shio and the Bath Mat

I read somewhere that sometimes dogs rub themselves on things (e.g. grass) because there is a scent that they like, and they want to cover themselves in that scent. Shio apparently really likes the scent of our bath mat, because when we allow him into the bathroom (which is not often) he will go nuts rubbing himself all over the bath mat.

Shio Rubbing Himself on Bath Mat

Stranger things have happened, I guess...