Shio the Ruffian, Part II

So today I got to take Shio to the park. 15 min in, this other Asian dude with his French bulldog arrived. Shio and the Frenchie got along immediately and started playing.

I saw the Asian dude — who had white long hair, a cap, and skinny tight jeans — freak out once he saw that Shio was mouthy.

Mind you, the Frenchie loved playing with Shio — they ran and wrestled and play-danced. But given how flabby the Frenchie’s face is and how large his ears were (Frenchies are so ugly they are cute), Shio of course started nipping at it.

The Asian Ass went to separate the two, and slapped Shio in the face.

Nobody slaps my dog in the face except me and my fiance.

I walked over, and said “Hey buddy.”

He looked over at me. Lucky for him, I had my sunglasses on so he couldn’t see my death-stare that said “if you touch my dog again, I will fucking kick your ass.”

I told him, in my sarcastic tone: “It’s ok man. He’s mouthy but he’s gentle.”

10 min later, Asian Ass left the park with Frenchie.


Shio the Ruffian

My dog doesn’t take sht from anyone and I’m dmn proud of him for it. Last week, I took him to his usual dog run and he was roughing it up with Toto* and having his usual puppy fun. I know that Shio is a fearless face biter and wrestler when he plays. It took a little time to get used to, but I’m not fazed by it anymore. That’s his Shiba-ness and just how he rolls. Now, Toto and his mommy on ther other hand, are not used to it. Shio caught Toto’s skin with his sharp puppy teeth and gave him a booboo which I found that day while I was grabbing Shio and pointed out to her.

Come yesterday, I saw Toto and asked his mommy how he was. She said, “He’s good but it was because he was playing rough with other dogs… actually, it was THAT dog.” Naturally, she was pointing at Shio. Of course I came to my dog’s defense and said, “Oh, that’s MY dog.” She backed off a little but was clearly unhappy with them playing together.

Two minutes later, Shio comes running towards me bleeding from the mouth. The woman shoots a hah!-told-you-so look in my direction, grabs Toto, and leaves the dog run.

Turns out that he knocked another tooth loose while playing and bled from his gum.

Fabulous job, Shio. Way to prove your point.

(*Name changed to protect the innocent)