Meeting Kicho

On Tuesday morning, I braved the rain to meet Alice and Kicho at the Barnes and Noble located in Union Square. My saying that I braved the rain is nothing compared to Alice's bravery to loving her beautiful Shiba, Kicho. Kicho sat quietly in her bag as Alice began to share the story of Kicho's life. Strangers passing by commented on how beautiful and healthy Kicho looked. They inquired about her breed and size. Kicho sat like a model canine citizen as they pet her face and looked into her eyes. Little do they know that Kicho has a very rare congenital heart disease.

Every day we meet dogs on the street that bring a smile to our face as they goofily walk by or jump on us to say, "Hello!" Very few will touch your heart and inspire you daily in their will to live, love and be loved.

Thank you, Alice and Kicho, for inspiring us all.

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Shio vs. Thunderstorms

Currently, we are experiencing torrential rain in NYC with thunder loud enough to set off car alarms. An hour earlier, it was hailing and it sound like someone was throwing rocks against our windows. All this while Shio slept through it all. He's a quirky little Shiba, but I'm glad that he doesn't have a fear of loud sounds right now.

Me, on the other hand, will jump five feet vertically in the air every time I hear a loud boom from the thunder. what can I say... I'm a wimp!