How Much Is That Puppy In the Window?

I walked by a pet shop in our neighborhood and saw a Shiba in the window. Went in and asked about the price.

Me: "How much for the Shiba?"

Pet Store Guy: "She is 1450 'randomly' discounted from 1650."

Me: "Okay."

Pet Store Guy: "She's got a knee problem. Her knee..."

Me (interrupting): "Luxating patella?"

Pet Store Guy: "Oh! You know what it is! Well she isn't discounted because of this problem. It's not that bad, very minor. Level 1."

Me: ...

Pet Store Guy: "You just need to give her the right foods and vitamins..."

Me: "You are knowingly trying to sell a Shiba with a genetic breed defect?"

Pet Store Guy: "It doesn't affect her at all. She's in great condition..."

Me: *walks out of the store*

I'm always curious about the Shibas that arrive in pet stores and the breeders that they come from. I guess this conversation satisfies my curiosity. Breaks my heart to see this.