Return of the Beach

Now that it is officially off-season for the beaches, Shio is free to roam around without getting his humans in trouble!

T was thoughtful as always and brought Shio a whole container of ice water.

I have been looking at buying a tilt-shift lens for a while, but because I don't have that much time to take pictures, I have been hesitant to pay ~$2k for a lens. About a week ago, Lensbaby announced its Tilt Transformer -- and at $250 it was so attractively priced that I had to try it.

Truth be told, I had previously bought and returned a Lensbaby Composer -- I did not like how it worked, nor did I like the image quality. So it was not without reservation that I put on the adapter and ventured to the beach.

I am happy to report that the Tilt Transformer is a well-designed product and delivers great image quality. As with any other new tool, I am still learning how to use / control it, but you can get some really neat images with it. I coupled mine with my Zeiss 50mm f/1.4, and the image quality is superb.

Verdict: I highly recommend the Lensbaby Tilt Transformer, and it also demonstrates yet again how versatile the m3/4 platform is. With the recently-announced GH2 and all the good things I have read online about it, I am looking forward to continued innovation in digital cameras big and small. I am very curious to see how a small sensor with 16MP performs...

Photos taken with Lumix GF1 with G Vario 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6, and Lensbaby Tilt Transformer + Zeiss ZF 50mm f/1.4.