Shio @ Airport

Shio and I travelled to JFK on Monday to pick up my family from the airport and stay overnight on Long Island. At first, we were going to leave him in the car since we weren't sure whether dogs would be allowed in the airport pickup terminal or not. We decided to give it a chance and bring him in anyway and deal with the problem if we were kicked out. It's not like we haven't been ousted from a public area before (ahem*Target*ahem). Turns out, we were allowed to have him in there! Yay!

We stayed there for 3 hours waiting for everyone to pick up their luggage and go through customs. Shio started getting frisky around hour 2. Luckily, he had a curious little girl to keep him company and hold his leash in the meantime.

photophoto 5

photo 2

Did you know that airports have a "Pet Relief Area"? This one was courtesy of British Airways. It's amazing what you notice after you become a pet owner!