Weekend Shiba Getaway: Saugerties

Ting found an awesome rental for the long weekend so that we could hang out in the country with the shibas. The drive was ~2 hours -- Emi was more than happy to spend a part of that sleeping in my arms. After a while, she moved back to spend time with her brofur, and he wrapped his arm around her and cuddled.

The cabin was pretty awesome. The enclosed yard gave Shio and Emi the space to stretch their legs.

After a short break, we took a short trip to the lighthouse. The light was beautiful around sunset.

The inus were pretty tired after a long day...

... But they were both ready to go the next day.

We went hiking at Kaaterskill Falls. It was nice to see snow given we did not have much in the city.

We all enjoyed ourselves very much...

Photos taken with Leica M9 and GH2.