Shiba Kisses

As we mentioned before, we met Jonathan Fleming in Brooklyn two weekends ago and had a small photo-fest with Shio and the Shibal Inus. Jonathan posted up the photos from our meeting on his website recently, and I can't help but stare at one picture of Shio sitting and looking up at the camera.

I just adore the little glimmer in his eyes and the slight pink in his ears. Then there are his cute little whiskers that curl downwards to match his curly tail.

But most importantly, I love this picture because my favorite place to give Shio his Shiba kisses on his face usually happens when he gives me this look. I usually crouch and grab hug him around the neck, immobilizing his head, so I can give him a quick smackeroo right in between his eyes. The favorite spot is right here:

He doesn't like it but that's okay. It's my second that I get to love me some Shio.

You can see more great pictures of Shio on Jonathan Fleming's website here:

Where do you love to kiss your Shiba?

Shio vs. Jonathan Fleming

We had the pleasure of having a mini Shiba meetup here in Brooklyn Heights, with Betsy and Kit visiting from the city. All of us were on hand to meet Suki's pawrents -- Jonathan and Bridget.

The shibas did not seem to want to hang out with each other. Lots of growling and snarling whenever they got too close. Maybe because they were all on-leash? We kept the kids apart for most of the afternoon...

Here are Kit and Betsy. They are adorable together. When Kit would fall behind, Betsy would look back to make sure her packmate was still following.

Lunch for the Flemings at Brooklyn Bridge Park...

Gina gave us these awesome Shibal Inu tote bags (behind Shio on the left photo). Thanks a lot Gina!

Shio eventually got sick of walking and wanted to chill out in a bakery. He ran up and stairs and refused to come down. Not the confusion on the faces of Betsy and Kit...

Once we got to the part of the park that dogs were allowed to run on, Kit and Betsy went crazy... Betsy in particular decided she needed more fiber in her diet and started grazing...

Of course, there were lots of photos taken by all throughout the afternoon.

Thanks for coming to Brooklyn to hang out with Shio guys!

Photos taken with Nikon D700, 50mm f/1.4G.