Meeting Shiba Sommelier

The weather in NY has been nuts of late. The temperature has been going from 40s to sub-20s day-to-day, driving everybody nuts.

This morning, we set out to Prospect Park to meet Shiba Sommelier. Suki, the shiba who has been dishing out wine reviews, is super friendly and super cute in person. Of course, we wouldn't go anywhere without Nami -- Shio gets depressed if he does not see his girlfriend weekly.


When we got to the park, we bumped into an old friend, Anouk!


After Nami had everybody chase her for a while, we humans chatted for a bit. Shio got bored and decided to beg Nami to play with him. He was very charming and determined!


Thanks for coming out to play with us Suki and humans! We hope to see Suki again soon!

Photos taken with Sony A7 + FE 24-70mm f/4.