Welcome 2014!

A very belated happy new year to all our Shiba loving friends! 

Last year was a year filled with photos of moments shown through J's eyes. We had such a great time exploring Brooklyn and found new adventures every weekend. One of the perks of moving to Brooklyn as a dog owner was the increased number of places that we could bring the dogs to! The borough is very pet friendly and there are more areas that allow dogs to walk on grass -- something so simple that we weren't able to do in Manhattan thanks to strict park rules. We were even able to find a couple of coffee places that allow dogs inside!

We've spent so much time exploring and we are finally comfortable detailing the places that we've frequented over the past year. Our goal for the site this year is to accompany these photos with descriptions, transportation options and a overall idea of how dog-friendly each area is. 

We apologize to any dog owners outside the New York area as most of these posts will be based in the Northeastern parts of the states but there will still be many photos to accompany each post so check back often to see our adventures!