Evolution of shiotheshiba.com

Looking back, I think our blog could be segmented into three parts. It's been a while since we've had a text based post!

Part 1

When Shio arrived to our small apartment in NYC he was only 3 months old in March 2009.  The puppy months were the best. We took him out frequently for potty breaks and make sure that he received enough exercise and frequently socialized him. We had so much fun watching him grow, and grow, and grow. Documenting the progress on this blog was a great way to share our love for him to the world and timeline his life.

Part 2

When Emi came as our foster in October 2011, we were mostly focused and making sure that she was less afraid her new home in Brooklyn and trust us. We documented her growth through and very short-lived fostering experience through the blog. Now we're a happy family and our lives are further enhanced with two Shibas. 

Part 3

 After Emi's first year we decided to buy a car and this newfound convenience expanded our geographic boundaries. Photographing the dogs in new parks we explore gave us much joy in looking back and seeing how happy they are to spend time outside of our neighborhood. It also gives access to new dog-friendly perspectives on the parks and new photos outside of normal Google search results. Normally when we research new-to-us locations to visit, we never know how dog-friendly the park is until we arrive.

I love that this site for our Shibas has evolved with our fur-family. In thinking about the future, we are unsure of what it will hold. 

Are our readers interested in a more detailed documentation on our dog-friendly park adventures? I find that there is little out there describing where to park or bring your dogs and rarely will a rated park have people commenting on where to bring dogs. What do you think?