Alternative Uses for Poop Bags

Life starts to feel like you're owned by your dog after living with a Shiba. One of the things that I've always noticed is that I have poop bags everywhere I go. They're in all my purses, my jeans, and my winter/summer/spring coats. Some even survive a cycle in the washing machine! Thanks to the omnipresence of these little baggies over the last 4 years, I've found some other creative uses for them!

1. Wet Umbrella Holder - Running around in the rain and no where to put the umbrella when you reach your final destination? Not to fret! You can open up a poop bag and stick a small umbrella inside. The bag will contain the raindrops so you don't need to fear when throwing it into your purse!

2. Hand Warmers - I often find myself running out the door in a rush and forget my gloves at the entryway of our place. When this happens for long freezing dog walks, I keep my hands warm by opening up a new poop bag and leaving my hand in them. The non-porous plastic instantly creates an oven for my cold little fingers and warms me up while my dogs figure out where they want to poop. After they poop, I just take my hand out and invert the bag to gather the prize and run home before my hands get cold again!

3. Water Bowl - During hot summer days, I sometimes forget to bring a water bowl to the park when the pups could really use some water to quench their thirst. During those times, we find a water fountain and open a new poop bag and fill it up with water. Pups are more than happy to quench their thirst after we roll down the edges of the bag and we're relieved that they're not parched from the heat!

Hope you all got a little kick out of this post! When you own a Shiba, you also need to have a sense of humour. Even if it's a bad one like mine. :)