Ordering Shiba Key Covers

UPDATE 5/16/12: The deadline for ordering key covers has now passed. Sorry for those who are just now seeing this post! After posting a photo of my new Shiba key cover through instagram, I received a flurry of responses, many of whom are asking where I bought it from. It was from an order from a website in Japan (ordered by our friend in Hawaii). Since there were so many people that said they wanted one of their own, I've decided that it was time to coordinate a mass batch order so that we can all be properly owned by our Shibas. Prorating the key covers with more people means less that each of us have to spend on the shipping and international fees so let's get started!


1. Figure out how many key covers you want.

2. Leave me a comment on this post and I will email you a link to the order form.

3. Complete the order form and submit.

4. Wait until I email you will the final cost - this may take two months as processing and shipping takes a while from Japan. At this time, we are estimating that the cost will be approximately $8.50 each.

5. Submit payment and I will send your key cover order to you!

You have until May 15th to complete this form.

Any questions can be left in the comments section of this post and I will respond back in a timely matter!