Two Shibas 366 Project

Shibas are my source of inspiration for so many aspects of my life right now. Instead of going outside and talking about my dogs all day to whomever will listen, I've decided that it is far more productive and less annoying for me to channel that using another outlet. Thus the birth of my new project: Two Shibas 366. There are many of our Shiba friends on Twitter that have started their own photography 366 day photography projects in January, all of whom have their own themes. I loved how they were able to document their daily 2012 life through a photography timeline. I started mine on February 14, 2012. I decided to start ours on Valentine's Day to showcase our love for our dogs and the love they have for each other. Emi has only been part of our lives for 4 months now but through Shio's actions day in and day out it is very apparent that he adores her as much as we do.

The link to the site is

I hope that you'll add it to your RSS feeds to experience the tenderness of their sibling relationship through the image that we capture each day.