Shio vs. Baths in Brooklyn

What should you wish upon your worst enemy? An eternity of giving a tub full of Shibas baths.

In our old apartment, our building had a communal room dedicated to self-serve pet spa. We had the works: professional stainless steel bath with a ramp leading up to the tub, a professional grooming table and pet dryer. The best part was that we were able to leave the mess of fur and water splatter behind  and return to our apartment with a clean dog.

Since we've moved, we've had to bathe Shio in our own tub.

The problem? The walls of the tub are low enough for him to jump out of and he makes a mess of fur and water for me to clean up in the drain and on the walls. Eek.

Surprisingly, he stayed put for pictures in the tub. What you can't see is me behind the camera phone dripping wet from Shio trying to escape before he was soaped up. Here's the not-so-happy wet Shiba:

Notice the terrified spread-toed grip of his paws:
It took him a hundredth of a millisecond to hop out the top and run to the door after he was rinsed:
Paw print trail evidence of a wet Shiba:
Annnd whether it be a wet Shio from rain or bath, the end result is always the same. Shio's signature pile-drive move into a moisture absorbing fabric. He usually starts on the rug and moves his way to our bed.
Who needs entertainment when you can just give your Shiba a bath and watch him put on a show? :)