Walk To Atlantic Avenue

This morning, Shio met up with his friend Feta and took a trip to Atlantic Avenue. It was a beautiful day -- although a bit on the hot side for Shio.

Brooklyn Heights is really a beautiful neighborhood -- one can find many things to photograph.

We bumped into Tommy on our way. THe pups had a brief get-together.

By the time we got to Atlantic Avenue, it was starting to get really hot...

We decided to head back to Pier 6 to eat the brunch that we bought on Atlantic Avenue. Shio and Feta were happy to get a break in the shade as well.

On our way back, the inevitable happened... I had to carry Shio for a few blocks to give the poor boy a break...

I bought Shio a treat to reward him for putting up (mostly) the heat.

"This is more like it guys. Air conditioning, marrow treat... I forgive you -- for now."

Photos taken with GH2, Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95.