Two Dot Oh

I have been wanting to update Shio's website for while. When we first started the blog, we wanted to use whatever was cheapest and most convenient to set up.

Little did we know we were going to be so obsessed with maintaining the website -- and how much fun we would have doing it.

Best of all, we managed to meet (mostly virtually) so many other Shiba owners through this blog.

As we got more and more serious about documenting Shio's life here, I got more and more unhappy with the site design. I wanted something more sleek, minimalist, and clean.

After much research, I decided to migrate the site to Squarespace. They key reasons for choosing them:

  • They have a great reputation among the "geeks"
  • They have the two things I most wanted: 1) easily customizable templates; 2) iPad blogging platform
  • They have a built-in tool to migrate our old content

It has been fun designing and setting this site up. We hope you enjoy shiotheshiba v2.0 as much as we do!

P.S. If you are looking for the old content, it is under "Archive".