What Does Shio Eat?

Shio eats better than me. You don't believe me?

Every week, Shio's food is professionally prepared with a meatloaf recipe adapted from the inu-baka blog:

The base of his meals is the "Ultimate Shiba Meatloaf", which consists of ground beef, turkey, chicken, liver, assorted veggies (broccoli, carrots, string beans, etc), blueberries, parsley, eggs, flax seeds, and melted cheese:

The meatloaf is then mixed with a combination of the following depending on the day: cottage cheese, bonito flakes, kelp, oatmeal / rice, plain yogurt, fruits (apples, mangos, bananas), sardines, salmon, pepitas, and pureed pumpkin.

The result:

And while his food is being prepared, Shio likes to play quality control:

Photos taken with Lumix GH2, with Toy Lens.

By the way, for Shiba owners looking for a compact camera that is easy to carry around with their Shiba, I cannot recommend more highly the Panasonic Lumix GH2. This camera has the ability to take awesome photos, as well as HD video. The lens used here is one I purchased on eBay for under $40. It really is the best all-around camera when taking into the size and weight. Unfortunately, the GH2 is still mostly out of stock / backordered...