Shio vs. Georgie the Cat

Whenever we see a cat, Shio will tug with all his might at the end of the leash to try and sniff the funny little creature that doesn't want to have anything to do with him. We've never officially met a cat because the ones we bump into have been traumatized by dogs and run away. Last week, we met our first awesome exotic short-haired cat named Georgie! He's our friend's cat so we knew it would be safe to let Shio around Georgie. Ooooh I was so excited to see how Shio would react!

Waiting for Georgie to come down to play:

Peeking at Georgie from underneath the coffee table:

Overall, the whole experience was anti-climatic. I had all these high expectations of Shio frolicking with Georgie. Or getting smacked in the face by a cat's paw for being a hyper puppy but that didn't happen. Or grooming each other and napping together. Instead, Shio spent 30 minutes getting close to Georgie and then running away. Georgie was the one chasing after Shio! Who's the scaredy-cat now?!

This was the closest he got to Georgie:

Georgie can also be found via his tumblr site: Hop over and say, "Hi" to our new friend!