On Wednesday afternoon, the only beautiful NY day this week, we went out to Fire Island and let Shio and his fur-cousin, Lucas, run to their hearts content on the beach. Only stipulation was that one leash was tied to both dogs because we weren't sure if Lucas' recall would be up to par. My sister said that they haven't tested him off leash in an open area so I didn't want to take any chances!

We enjoyed the beach so much that we went back a second time that day! My niece, Lucas, Shio and myself caught the beautiful sunset next to the TWA Flight 800 memorial on the beach.

My niece adorably wrote the dog's names in the sand:

Here they are standing next to their names:

We let the dogs run around but when we reached crowded areas, we leashed the dogs back up. My niece is a natural at walking two excited pups down the beach's shoreline! See the memorial's flags in the background?After a long and fun day, Shio passed out at home!