Stranger Danger!

I'm not gonna lie and say that Shio is awesome when it comes to meeting new people. We normally get a mixed bag of reactions depending on the stranger.

Here's a breakdown of the 2 usual reactions:

1. The "parallelogram"

Shio is curious about the new person but maintains his distance. He makes sure that he's a foot away from the new person and leans as far as he can to sniff them. Thus, the parallelogram shape of his body and legs. But when the stranger reaches out to pet him on his back, he runs away.

2. The "woo-woo-wooooo"

Shio does not like or is threatened by this new person. Starts circling them with a 2 foot buffer distance while barking at them. Thus, the "woo-woo-woooooo" sound.

Apparently, our Shiba took the "Stranger Danger" classes before coming to our home!