Labor Day Weekend - Final Chapter

Today we took Shio up to the Upper West Side: Riverside Park.

We have never explored that far uptown -- and in fact when we got up there it did feel like a different world. The crowd was much older and family-oriented, and it was much more quiet than our neighborhood... In addition, we knew there were many dog runs (PDF download) there, and we visited two.

In the first dog run, Shio found a new friend and engaged in a game of tag. The sand that the dogs kicked up is pretty cool...

After that, he hung out at the picnic table with us, and drew a crowd...

The second dog run was less fun, and by then Shio was a little tired from all the walking.

From there, we all went to pick up Shake Shack. Shio got a Pooch-ini (yes this is really a special dish made for dogs at Shake Shack), which he of course loved.

All in all, Shio had a great weekend.

Hopefully y'all did too!

Photos taken with Nikon D700 + 24-70mm f/2.8G, except last photo, which is with iPhone 4 and processed in-phone using Camera Bag. The quality of photos coming out of the iPhone is truly amazing...