Ouches and Loves

Let's start with the "Ouches" part of this post.

We know a crazy little terrier that lives near us who has been picking on Shio since he was 4 months old. When they see each other, things will go great for about 5 seconds and then the little terrier will lunge for Shio and a fight will break out. The terrier is virtually unavoidable since we all live in such close proximity to each other and when we do see each other, Shio will run away to try and hide from him. This is something that Shio never does with any other dog.

On Monday night, another fight broke out after Shio was cornered and couldn't run away. Shio fought back and I went to push the both of them away from each other. In the process, I was bitten several times on my right arm and went to the ER for antibiotics and shots.

Josh and I always make the active effort to correct Shio when he does wrong and expose him to as many dogs as possible so he learns the proper doggy etiquette. As a result, we have a great Shiba who we can allow to be around other dogs and behave the way that he should. Unfortunately, you can do all the right things in the world for your pup but it won't mean a thing if the other dog was not socialized properly. This is just a sad reminder of the reality of dog ownership.

Now, onto the "Loves" portion of this post.

After my little red knight in shining armor rescued me (and himself) from the fight he was aloof and stayed in the living room. He didn't have any wounds so we went off to the ER to get me cleaned up. When we returned home, he followed me around everywhere and wouldn't let me out of his sight. Then, for the first time ever, he hopped on the bed and slept with us the whole night. Next day, he defended me against our maintenance guys that were vacuuming the hallway carpeting. He's been protecting me ever since Monday night. This just goes to show how truly amazing our canine companions are if you treat them right!

Everyone go over to your pup and give them a big hug right now!