Shio's New Scab

Over the holiday weekend, I brought Shio to Long Island to visit my family. They have a beautiful and grassy dog run blocks from their house, so I thought it would be a good idea for Shio to get a real run and play with other dogs while we were out there.

While Shio was rough housing with a Carolina dog, that dog grabbed a pea sized chunk of fur from above his left eye. I wasn't worried since the dogs sorted out their own issues. However, the bare skin has progressed to a large bloody wound thanks to Shio's hind leg to forehead scratching action.

Now we have to make sure that we work on cleaning and putting ointment on it so it doesn't get infected and cause a bigger headache. Shio runs away when he sees a cotton ball coming towards him now and will still scratch his scab when we have our back turned!

J is sad because we know that the fur won't grow back over where his scar from the scab will be but I think it'll make him seem manlier! Don't worry Shio, chicks dig scars!