Now imagine that you were wearing a mini skirt and stilettos...

Cute puppies with bad habits are hard to correct because they are so cute. But we need to for the sake of having a seemingly well behaved dog, we corrected Shio the first moment that we saw it happen. Before each correction, I used to think to myself, "If this happened to me while I was wearing a mini skirt and stiletto heels, would I still think it's cute?"

That immediately eliminated these behaviors:

1. Jumping - Large red nail scrapes running down your leg = not sexy.

2. Pulling on walks - Definitely does not make you look like a you've got it all together while getting pulled down the block by your dog.

3. Running away after pooping - Imagine yourself trying to pick up poop without exposing your private bits all-the-meanwhile balancing yourself in your heels and then getting pulled over and falling face first into the poop because your dog darts away after relieving himself. Also not sexy!

Of course I thought about writing this post after Shio jumped on me while wearing a pair of shorts. He wanted me to throw his squeaky ball. I had a big red mark running down the front of my thigh. :(