Dogs in NYC

I bring Shio everywhere with me when traveling around Manhattan. He may have his lay-down protests on the street when I take him shopping, but I've never found it unusual to take him to run errands with me until recently when I posted the Sephora video and had some comments about bringing him in the store. I have to say, NYC and it's non-food establishments are extremely tolerant of dogs. Half of the stores that I bring Shio into either have treats at the counter for dogs or a water bowl in front of the store for thirsty canines. Shio is well versed in riding elevators and escalators as well as waiting patiently in line for me to pay for items or sifting through clothing racks.

Manhattan dog owners are steps away from treating their dogs as service dogs because we treat them as an extension of ourselves. Though NYC may seem like a cold city, under that layer of indifference are hearts that immediately open to our furry canine friends.