Shio's Hissy Fits

Can we say hellooooo terrible twos? Lately, when Josh or I take Shio out for walks, he willingly goes in one of few directions:

1. If it is early in the a.m., he knows that the only reason why mommy wakes up so early is to take him to Central Park.

2. West towards the Hudson River to play.

3. North towards the dog run.

If we head East or South in the afternoon/evening, he starts throwing fits by laying down on his side and refusing to walk. We don't pick him up when he does this. Instead, we reach towards his belly to flip him over so we can continue walking but he has learned to roll on his back when we do this... which causes a scene for pedestrians passing by. Most women will "awwwwwwwwwww" as they walk by and give you puppy eyes as if it were oh-so-cute while men ask you if the dog is "okay."

As cute as it is, it's been frustrating. Shio is basically saying that if we are not taking him on a play date with his buds, he will throw a temper tantrum.