Why a Shiba?

With the return of the SF Shiba puppy cam (http://www.ustream.tv/sfshiba), we have people ask us why we picked a Shiba. Here's what happened: Originally, Josh wanted a lab/golden retriever while I wanted a Yorkie. Instead of an obedient and goofy or cute and cuddly lap dog, we wound up with a stubborn and independent Shiba. How did that happen?!

We spent months debating on the breed. I refused to have a large high energy dog and he refused to have a little fluffy one. One day while Josh and I were shopping in SoHo, we came upon the cutest Shiba in the world and I turned to Josh and said, "That is a GORGEOUS dog! What is he?!" Little did we know that they were little red devils in cute furry bodies. Still, through months of research and reading through many blogs we decided that this cat-like (independent and fastidious), smart and loyal Japanese dog will be ours.

Our puppy requires a lot of discipline and patience but if we had to do it all over again, we would still pick him. If you have children, you always favor the most difficult and rebellious one. That's how we feel about Shio.

Folks, if you're considering a Shiba, DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you decide to just pick this dog up on a whim, you're going to find yourself in some trouble.