Shio the Escapee Part 2

Looks like we've been having our share of mishaps these last couple of weeks. Yesterday, I took Shio out for his morning walk and while we were only a block away, he pulled back and slipped out of his collar and started running in the other direction. My instinctive reaction was to step towards him to lunge for him but something made me stop. Maybe it was because when I stepped towards him, he trotted in the opposite direction while looking back at me and I realize after much experience that he would continue to run away if I chased him. So I stopped, he looked, I called him name in a rather panicked voice (I could've lost him forever!) and he continued to look. Then a light bulb in my head went off and I realized that I had stuck a squeaky tennis ball in my pocket this morning and reached for it. The moment that I started squeaking the ball, he came running back.

Squeaky toys are truly his Achilles heel.