The Magic of Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser

So... one thing I would have liked to have been warned about before getting Shio was how our apartment would be turned into an disaster zone. Upon joining the dog ownership's world, I've been sent to Dante's Inferno and my eternal task is to clean our home and when I finish, paw prints and dirt marks magically reappear. The lower corners of all the doors in our apartment have been covered in dirt from Shio's constant scratching to get in or out. Our walls have random dirt marks on them, coincidentally all at Shio's height level. I've tried scrubbing the grime off with traditional spray cleaners and even Goo Gone but the amount of effort have not justified the returned cleanliness. What's a girl to do?!

Enter Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser.

Picked a box up from Duane Reade and used it tonight. One wipe combined with light scrubbing, the 6 month old dirt buildup has disappeared off our walls. I've noticed that the Magic Eraser does not leave residue or the putrid smell of chemicals.

It's a truly amazing product.

I don't know how Mr. Clean did it, but it done did it good!