Shio @ 10 Months

Whoa... we are now officially two months shy of Shio's first birthday. I'm not looking forward to Shio not officially being a puppy anymore. They grow up so quick *tear*.  Okay, I'm getting way ahead of myself. 

Here are the most recent changes: -The incessant banging on the bedroom door prior to 8am has been restored. -Guess who has the balls to jump up onto the bed now? That's right, Shio does... figuratively speaking when it comes to the balls of course. -He's losing his puppy face.  -We had a day full of potty accidents this month. I call it an isolated incident since we think he was unhappy about a friend that crashed at our apartment one weekend. -Shedding has slowed down significantly. -He's very curious about everything that J and I do. He follows us around the apartment like a shadow when he's not napping. -This is the most surprising and happy development. Shio will now... wait for it... COME ON COMMAND! I've been hardcore training him in the past month with treats. More on that later.

Happy 10 Month Birthday Shio!

We promise to stop counting the months after you turn a year old. I'm lying. We'll always count the months.