Ever hear of landscaping your lawn to improve its appearance? Well, Shio hasn't. In fact, he has discovered how to do the exact opposite of creating a perfectly manicured lawn and we are calling it Shioscaping. Other Shiba owners call it Shibascaping. While on Long Island visiting an old friend with beautiful Border Collies for a doggy playdate, Shio decided to redo her backyard by digging up all the dirt and promptly rolling in it afterwards. Of course this occurred a week after we gave him a bath. (Those who do not know how difficult it is to give a Shiba a bath can refer to this, this and, more hysterically, this.)

Luckily, my friend had a great sense of humor and loved watching Shio dig away while I stood mortified by this natural doggy behavior.

Evidence of the Shioscaping:




[Photos courtesy of JenN. More pictures can be found here:]